2004 Toyota Celica • 123,000 miles

I apologize if this is wrong for me to do here, and if it is completely disregard, im look for venues where I feel i may find support and you guys have help me amazingly with my car problems in the past.

I've been a member for a little while and have gotten a lot of help from some people on here. I know this request will seem sketch. Ive never even set something up like this before.

But I am trying to raise money to start a small garage here in Virginia Beach VA. Money is tight and I am looking for support from my fellow car enthusiasts and please spread the word. this is my web page. All it is is a donations page.

If you are looking for creditability take my name Greg Herron, look me up on facebook, I live in Virginia Beach, just message me about it and I'll verify. Please Im just looking for some kick starter help
October 3, 2012.

Did you try the county for any grants that are available? In pa. There are grants available for small business