2004 Renault Kangoo • 65,000 miles

I have just bought a 2004 renault kangoo 1500 dci mpv its done 65000 miles the garage is a small one man outfit selling second hand mercs. When I was looking at the car the garage owner said he would give it a full service and change the cambelt as it might need changing. So I puchased the car.I have had the car now for one day and been out for a ride. When I got home I lifted the bonnet to check the oil but the oil looked dirty so I looked further around the engine compartment but to me it looked as if nothing has been touched as the engine is still dirty, bolts on the engine are dirty where I would have expected to show signs were a spanner might have been. As I have been reading to change a cambelt is not a straight forward job as you need special tools. Would you advise me to get the car checked by a renault agent to check if the work was carried out as I dont want to acuse the garage of not doing the work as it will be my word against his. If the work was not done should I go to trading standards as I feel I have been lied to.
February 22, 2013.

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