2004 Pontiac Grand Am

The front breaks are locking up. Ive changed out the break pads ive changed out the mastercylender and also the callapurs and even one of the metal break lines. I bled the breaks several times and the breaks keep locking up on me.
Frank lucero
July 6, 2013.

Next time they lock up, first determine if one or both front wheels is getting hot, then to determine where the brake fluid is getting trapped, loosen the steel lines at the master cylinder to see if they release. If they don't, open the bleeder screws on the calipers. If you don't find the cause of the problem, include a lot more detail. In particular, did the problem go away for a few days after replacing a part? Did anything cause a change in the symptoms? How many wheels are affected?

Jul 6, 2013.