2004 Pontiac Grand Am • 80,525 miles

All accessories in car will stop working for about 3 minutes and then they will start back. Sometimes I can turn the ignition on and none of the accessories will work, engine will start and run normal. Gages, wipers, windows, door locks, none of these things will work. Wait a while and everything will start working. It does this every day all thru the day and some days they will not stop working, they will work find for 3 or 4 days. What is causing this problem.I thought it were the ignition switch, please help it is really a mess when it, s raining.
Jeff 2004
September 16, 2013.

Be more specific on which accessories. I've got instrument cluster, wipers, power windows, door locks what else is not working when this happens? I'm trying to find a connection in relation to all these accessories and so I'll need more information.
When you said "i thought it were the ignition switch" did that mean you replaced the switch?
What happens when it rains?

Ty Anderson
Sep 16, 2013.
Radio, gas gage, wipers, windows, heater blower, they stop working more often when it rain. When it, s dry outside they will work longer then when wet outside oh yes and auto door locks will also stop working.I were told by a mechanic at sears that pontiac grand am gt have problems with ignition switch which will cause this problem. I have not replaced the switch, because it is exspensive to be guessing at problem. There is no codes in car at, to suggest the problem.

Jeff 2004
Sep 18, 2013.
Everything you've said just tells me its the ignition switch because every thing you've said is supplied power by the ignition switch. The only connection related to the above accessories you've listed is the ignition switch. None of these accessories all share the same circuits or grounds.
The only issue I have is that the door locks not working because they are constantly supplied power and ground (with or without the key on) and do not go through the ignition switch.
Unless, your talking about the automatic locking feature when you place the shifter in drive or when accelerating the door locks will automatically lock all the doors or automatically unlock the doors when you place the shifter in park or remove the ignition key from the ignition cylinder. Is this the case with your Grand Am?

Ty Anderson
Sep 18, 2013.