2004 Oldsmobile Alero • 112,000 miles

Im about to undertake a head gasket job on my Alero 3.4 L
at least im pretty sure im going to need to replace the head gasket
number 1 cylinder has a wet spark plug and I am loosing coolant from the coolant reseviour and also loosing from the tail pipe
it recently had a head gasket job from a repair shop a little more then a 1y 1/2 ago fyi
my question is. How likely is it that the head gasket failed again? And what could be the underlying cause(s) for the failure so I can make the nessesary changes to the engine?
December 28, 2012.

Head gaskets are the result of an overheating problem, not the cause.

Pretty sure? I would have a leak down test done to confirm before doing this repair


Dec 28, 2012.
Overheating. Got ya!
Since the repair a year and a half ago. I had taken it to a radiator shop because the temp constantly arose between 1/2 and 3/4 temp and was worried that I didnt want it to oveheat again. The rad. Shop removed core "re-rodded" it and reinstalled. Temp "crept" a little over mid temp but he stated that is probably to be expected since we live in a desert (Las Vegas, NV) and sure enough. When the outside temp dipped, the running temp never arose above mid temp. Just a little bit of history. The engine never ran overheated or ever close at any time after the 1st repair was done other then the "past mid temp" fluctuations. Mechanic said there was no warping from 1st breakdown on the heads other then a cracked intake manifold which was replaced

i will have the leak down test done and update later

Dec 28, 2012.