2004 Mitsubishi Grandis • 105,000 miles

My car was out of coolant the engine cattled and shut down. I could not restart it when trying to restart sounds like no compression is this a feature?
March 6, 2012.

If it was out of coolant you probably could not even get a CEL light to come on if the snesor for temp was not in coolant. If it was overheated and ran dry, it definately had engine damage. Mostly it tends to be head damage such as head gasket and valves which fail to seal and thus no compression is made and the engine won't run. Usually if it is bad enough it will damage the bottom end as the oil gets so hot it will lose viscosity level and bearings get damamaged. You would do best to look on the internet, or use the search engine on this site for a reputable engine salvage dealer and it will even be located close to you as possible, to look for a used engine. If you take the time you can find a good engine with some type of at least a start up warranty and for a good price.