2004 Land Rover Freelander • 58,000 miles


I have a Land Rover Freelander 2004 petrol, 3 door.

Lately I have had problems starting, it, not starting at all actually!
I thought it could be the battery, so I changed it, I knew for a fact that it needed change anyhow. But it did not solve the issue much, it starts now on about 1 out of 4 to 5 attempts if I am lucky. If it does not start there is a muffled high frequency tone coming from the engine room. When turning key and if it does not start, there is also some clicking noises, not from the starter. Some have said it could be the "solenoid". I am note quite sure what that is. Is it affordable to fix on a DIY basis, or shoud I sell my firstborn?

I will gladly donate for answer to my question, but what kind of money handling do you have? If you have paypal that would be good =)
January 27, 2012.

What to do is this. Have a helper turn the key to the start position when it doesn't start while you check for power to the smaller wire on the starter. You should have 12v. If you do, have the starter checked. If you don't, check starter relay.

Please note, I assume the starter isn't working. If all you get is a clicking, you may have a weak battery or a bad / corroded connection.

Hi Jacob and Nickolas!

Thank you for your reply!
Should I use a voltmeter for this? I have installed a new, fully charged battery! The connections seem fine as the car is fully "powered", everything works, light, window elevators etc. I am not quite sure where the starter relay is, or what it looks like! I am a little curious as to what the high frequency tone is? Quite low in volume, but ver high pitched! Is it possible for a leyman to service the starter self?

Best regards Marius

Jan 27, 2012.
To over haul the starter corectly will involve re machine and under cutting the armature, this is best left to an auto electrician, you can chewck the solenoid wire at the starter with a multi meter, if no voltage and fuse and relay ok, it may be the transmission range switch acting up.

Jan 27, 2012.
Thanks MHPAUTOS for the added info. The noise makes me think the starter isn't engaging.