2004 Kia Rio • 78,000 miles

Ok this is exactly what is wrong I will be driving on hwy like 65 mph and all of a sudden I hear a roaring noise as soon as that noise starts I wont be able to go over like 50, 55, or 60 as soon as I slow down or come to a stop my car will jerk then all the check engine light comes on after a few minutes then all the rest of my warning lights on my dash comes on then the car shuts off.
the first time this happend I tried re staring it and it still jerked so I turned it off and went to work and later restatred it and it was fine
the second time this happened I was on the hwy and I slowed down and got off the exit and when it shut off I turned it back on and it DID NOT jerk it just ran like normal
April 5, 2012.

So this is a automatic transmission?Also you said the checkengine light came on I need you to have the car scanned for codes.I need the exact code numbers your car has not the code descriptions.

Apr 5, 2012.