2004 Jaguar X-Type • 76,000 miles

Recently I replace a bad fuse for the cig lighter in a jaguar x type 2004 model and now my front driver seat no longer adjust or heat up everything else is working properly including the cig liter now.I check most of the fuses and nothing everyone checks out and under the seat every thing seem to be connected. What's next? Thank you for ur time.
November 13, 2010.

You said you checked most of the fuses. You should check the specific fuse for that seat, which should be two separate fuses for Heat/position.

If the fuses are good, then you could check continuity of the circuit by removing the fuses and inserting a test light into the terminals and having someone operate the controls. If the light comes on, the circuit is fine. If not, you'll have to trace the problem.

If the circuit is good, then you're looking at a failed motor/heater.

Ernest Clark
Nov 13, 2010.
Thank you for responding.I end up disconnecting the negative lead on the car battery. And it started wworking again. Thank you

Nov 14, 2010.