2004 Isuzu NPR • 176,000 miles

2004 Isuzu NPR Diesel - Two problems

1: When crusing on the freeway and I try to just maintain a certain speed, it gets real ******" back and forth when I let on and off the gas pedal. When using the cruise control, I dont have any problems, but when I push the control to slow down or speed up, it still****** once each time.
2: Similar to problem 1, when crusing around 20-40mph and I hit a bump, the consiquent bouncing causes my foot to***** on the gas pedal, which causes the******** again. And once again if I use cruise control in bumpy areas I have no problem.

I think it has something to do with the accelerator pedal or something. Any helpfull advice.
June 20, 2011.

Check the throttle actuator control module and the accelerator pedal position sensor

Jun 20, 2011.
Where would I find those, and any hints on how to check them?

Jun 20, 2011.