2004 Hyundai Trajet • 143,000 miles

I have just purchased a trajet that has an engine fault, previous owners told me it lost drive and went noisy so they recovered the car home before selling to me, when I started it up no warning light stayed on, when you try accelerator you get nothing except a tiny change in revs and the air intake sounds noisy then if I put my hand over the main air intake, the noise dulls down. Any ideas? Im guessing air intake problems rather than knackered engine but unsure if it could be turbo problems? The car is a 2 litre diesel turbo automatic
October 3, 2011.

That is the main intake of air. If you have the air filter off, it will make a lot of noise. That is normal.

Sorry but I mean its noisy with all parts intact and I just cover the hole where the main air flows in. The rumbling does get lower in tone but still no acceleration in revs so could this be aitr intake fault?

Oct 3, 2011.