2004 Hyundai Santa Fe • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 93,000 miles

I just had the timing belt replaced full tune up and water pump. My wife drove it home the day after the repairs and maintenance. She turned it off in our drive way without incident. Later that night she started it to move it and it immediately started to knock alot it is a constant knock a mechanic looked at it and said the oil pump wasnt pumping. Will the oil pump not working cause4 this noise will it go away once the new oil pump is installed? Is the oil pump driven by a belt. Is there anything the mechanic that worked on the car could have done to cause this failure to happen. Thanks any help will be appreciated I have to give my wife a ride to work. Hopefully a miracle will happen and I wont have to argue with her on a daily basis as far as my driving ability's are concerned.
March 16, 2011.

If the pump isn't working, the engine will knock.

I work for Hyundai. The V6 model is prone to lifter noise when engine is not started for a day or two.
Is the 'oil light' illuminated while the noise occurs? If the oil light goes out when the engine is started then you may have good oil pressure and the fault may be something else. Perhaps the technician left something loose? Cam sprocket retaining bolts for instance.

Sixpack Subaru
Jun 22, 2011.