2004 Hummer H2 • V8 4WD Automatic • 111,000 miles

I drive a hummer and the button on the gear shifter wont go in to let me reverse or drive or nuetral. Earlier I had to slam it very hard (the button) just to get to work. Is this a problem with the transmission or is this a problem within the gear shifter itself? Please help. Oh and what kind of mechanic should I take it to, and about how much will it cost?
December 22, 2010.

Did u try putting your foot on the brake because it won't shift out of park without your foot on the brake. I wouldn't reccomend slamming on the bottom that will break it.

Dec 22, 2010.
It is more than likely a fault with the shifter, especially since you can force it. Has there been anything spilled down into that area? The shifter is serviced as an assembly, and an indy shop would either purchase a part from a dealer(new) or a salvage yard(used). It should not require a special technician to replace the unit, so the choice is yours.

Jan 27, 2011.