2004 Honda Accord • 3.0L 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 140,000 miles

Come off 20 mile trip trans worked fine. Drove 3 blocks an would not pull away from light. Cut off motor, it would move but had to start and stop to get back to shop. Ranscan and got code po 721 output speed sensor. Replaced sensor. Trouble light went out, drove car, started out did not have much power in a couple blocks it sorta surged and started to move good but the shift was not on time an rough. When I got back the trouble light was on again. Now it has po721 po722, no signal. Run voltage test on harness. Has three pin connection to sensor. One pin is ground no signal, two other wires have 5 volts to one and 4.9 to the other. The sensor I installed was new. Also speedometer stop working. Any idea?
Tall paul uc
May 17, 2014.

Have a trans guy check this it may be internal problem like a clutch seal bad or clutch slipping.

May 17, 2014.