2004 Ford Mondeo • 100,100 miles

The Engine Warning Light on my 2004 Ford Mondeo 1.8 LX started flashing last night while driving up the hill to my house, but went off when we reached the top of the hill (when I was able to take my foot off the accelerator). Today, after starting the car the same light came on and stayed on for all of a 30 minute journey.
Also, when I got home, I checked the oil and there didn't seem to be any in the engine when I read the dipstick, although the Oil Warning Light was never on.
I know I need to get it diagnosed by a Ford mechanic, but any idea what the issue might be, and do you think the car is safe to drive today before I can see the mechanic tomorrow?
November 11, 2012.

We need the code to further help you. You do not need a ford tech to do this.


Nov 11, 2012.