2004 Ford Explorer • 70,000 miles

I purshased a 2004 ford. Explore around april 2013 from a local dealer and I decided to take it back untill I finished paying for it. I took it out in sep 2013 the battery was dead so they charged it I took it w min later to fill up the tank so I turned it off I tried to turn it back on it did not want tto turn of my boyfriend came with his car and gave me a jump but the truck didnot want to start I purchased a new battery thinking that was the problem but it was not. I took out the starter out to go check it at autozone they told me it was working fine and nthe truck just makes a clicking sound when I try to turn it on and cant keep the battery charge at all please help I will apreciate it a whole lot thank yoy.
October 1, 2013.

It sounds like you have a poor electrical connection with the starting system. Inspect the battery terminal clamps and make sure they're tight, you should not be able to move them. Make sure there is no corrosion on the battery terminals and that the corrosion hasn't eaten away at the clamps. I would start here first.
Do you mean the new battery drains?
Do you have a voltmeter to do some electrical measurements?

Ty Anderson
Oct 1, 2013.
Hi Ty thank you for having the time to help me and yes the new battery drains and no I dont have a voltmeter but I will buy one if nesssasary. Are the clamps the one were the red and black cable connect?

Oct 2, 2013.
A voltmeter (digital only) is a great tool to use to test electrical circuit connections. Let me know if you decide to get on and we can go from here.
Have you tried to jump the starter off of the vehicle?
Have you tried to rotate the engine's crank shaft to see if the motor is spinning and not seized?
Let me know

Ty Anderson
Oct 7, 2013.