2004 Dodge Durango • 102,000 miles

I'm at my wit's end. Something is wrong with the oil light and the beep alert when it comes on. From some reason the oil light flickers on and off repeatedly, which triggers the beeping, which is only repeated constantly.

The scenario is always the same - nothing happens within a few minutes of turning on the car, after driving for a bit, then usually hitting the brakes - it begins. And it doesn't stop, unless I come to a full stop, for a little while, or turn the car off, which gives a few minutes of respite. I have taken the car to three mechanics to no avail. I finally replaced the oil light sensor, nothing. The flickering and beeping are still there. Needless to say, it has become torture to drive my truck.

One recommended to replace the entire oil pump system at a tune of $1000 to see if that would take of the problem, but he wasn't 100% sure!

Please, please help.
January 4, 2013.

First put a mechanical guage to check to see what pressure you actually have, this could be an instument cluster problem as well. Then put a good oil filter on theengine like a purolator napa or wix and see if it straightens out. It could be a bad filter as well. Also make sure tha t your oil leve is full.

Jan 4, 2013.
Thank you! I'll try it over the weekend.

Jan 4, 2013.