2004 Citroen C3 • 75,000 miles

Hello, my c3 began violently juddering today whilst I drove up a hill. Thinking it was out of petrol I got my dad to bring me some more (it had approx 40 miles in the reserve tank). I then drove it home and to begin with the juddering wasn't as violent and did go off for a few minutes. However, at some traffic lights the car lost all power - it was easily restarted but this happened twice. As I carried on driving home the juddering varied from being extremly violent to not so bad - it finally lost power again when I pulled in my drive way. Its not the clutch - i've already experienced that on this car and this juddering was a completely different feeling! It was almost as if the car had something blocking somewhere in its engine - like it was trying to throw up! Help please! Ideally need it fixed asap!
October 25, 2012.

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