2004 Chrysler Sebring • 168,000 miles

The car I'm dealing with is a 2.7 liter V6, front wheel drive, automatic. The transmission was recently replaced. So I've had a lot of things disconnected including electrical components as well as my starter. The car has been sitting for almost 5 months while this transmission replacement has been in progress. Now I'm in the final stages of putting it back together. The only thing that hasn't been installed is my air filter with the hose leading to the intake along with the sensor that is in that hose. My engine should turn over but it won't. Also my gear selector in my instrument panel shows ALL of the gears selected which is wrong. I'm wondering if I may possibly have a bad starter and/or may need to reset my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
July 26, 2012.

There is a sensor to identify what gear you are in. If the vehicle thinks it is in gear, it won't start.

It is called a range selector (sorry)

How do you fix that? I'm pretty sure that sensor is towards the back side of the transmission and bolts in. The thing I'm thinking of has a small cylindrical silver part that goes into the transmission before the bolt is tightened.

Jul 26, 2012.
Normally they are a sealed unit and it will require replacing if faulty, you can back probe the loom at the range switch and test for continuity in park and neutral and open circuit in drive range.

Aug 19, 2012.