2004 Chrysler Sebring • 15,000 miles

When I turn the key, nothing, not even clicking. Radio and convertable top also getting no power. Power windows and everything else is getting power. Checked fuses saw nothing. Any clues?
Ryan P.
September 17, 2012.

Any applicable fuses, did you check for voltage at the fuse circuit? You may need to check voltage to and fron ignition switch. Some of the circuits you mentioned may get ignition feed. Battery has a full charge and connections all clean and tight?

Sep 17, 2012.
Did you figure out the problem? It's been a couple months and there's no solution, so i'm guessing it never got fixed, or somebody forgot to contribute to the forum. We have the same problem. Been searching through tons of forums but people always fail to post the solution when it's resolved. Like everyone wants an answer, but doesnt want to contribute when it's resolved.

I'm going to check voltage/continuity at the ignition switch first, then fuses, then fusible links. Chances are it's a fusible link though. I'll post my solution when the problem is fixed (if nobody else does by then.)

Nov 14, 2012.
Hello heathric, if you make a new post, more people will see it. Yes, check voltage to and from the ignition switch.

Jan 9, 2013.