2004 Chrysler Pacifica • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 100,000 miles

Chrysler Pacifica 2004, Heat/Cool Fan not running. When I turn on the Climate Control system I hear a very soft hum instead of the usual loud fan. Everything looks normal except that no air comes out. All lights are there as if nothing is wrong. Also no air comes out from the back seat vents. Sometime in the past I had this happen but I simply turned off the system and then turned it back on and things went back to normal. Any hints?
January 4, 2011.

I'd have to get at the fan and check for voltage and ground, key on, hvac on. Green wire is voltage and black is ground. If you have good voltage and ground with no blower movement, suspect the blower motor. You can check hvac trouble codes, see if anything shows up?

Jan 4, 2011.