2004 Chrysler Crossfire • 80,000 miles

My Crossfire does not start from time to time. It does not crank but just klicks. It takes exactly 1 hour until it starts again. It seems as nothing happend. Yesterday the motor died off while going at 100mph; now I am really afraid driving this car. There is no code in the DTC at all. I have the problem since nearly 1 year. Just on suspcion I could change the key or the engine computer, but this is very expensive if they do not cause the problem. Could anybody help on this problem?
September 16, 2011.

Loud click? Like starter soleniod? That would indicate faulty connection/solenoid. Loud click from solenoid can also indicate bad battery post connection/low battery voltage. Battery can be low but "come back up some" from sitting awhile. Enough to run starter again.

Sep 17, 2011.
Dine -
It just might be the fuel pump relay. It'll die inexplicably, it won't crank, it doesn't store a code. Some of these cars sat in the dockside salt air a long time the first year, and that helped to corrode the relay's solder runs. The (unsealed) relay is a Hungarian bit stashed in the (unsealed) plastic box o' electronics under the hood, over the right tire near the firewall. Mercedes had the same problem, and it might be cheaper & quicker to order from them. Around a $250 part, and easy to replace.
Search it out at Crossfire Forums. It's a well-known problem.

Oct 8, 2011.
Mine has done something similar recently. The car wouldn't start (although there was no "loud click, " it didn't turn over at all) until it had been left for a period of time - about 20 minutes, in my case. Since I had made several very short trips before this happened and the battery was original I decided to replace it. A day or two later it also *thought* that it had died when I was driving down the road - thought meaning the tach needle dropped to zero, all of the warning lights came on like I had just put the key in, and stepping on the accelerator did nothing. However, the engine was still idling; it seemed like the car just didn't realize it. A couple of days later (yesterday) it did the don't-start-for-20-min-thing again. I'm assuming it's some sort of ignition control/cpu thing, but haven't done anything to check yet. Did you get anywhere?

Dec 9, 2011.