2004 Chevrolet Impala • 51,000 miles

I have asked this question before but did not get an answer. The accelerator sticks when the engine is cold. When the engine begins to warm up it releases. I can release it by pushing harder on the pedal prior to warm up. This is suppose to be a free site but it appears questions are not answered unless the site receives a donation.
November 7, 2012.

Thank you for your patience, we try to get too all questions in a timely manner but due to the shear amount, we sometimes fall behind. Most sticking throttle problems can be fixed by simply cleaning and lubricating the cable and or linkages, however you may have a problem know as throttle plate carbon coking, or build up. Due to the nature of cleaning this you may want to have your mechanic to clean this as after cleaning the plate and shaft your cars idle may have to be relearned. Thanks you for using @carPros

Nov 7, 2012.