2004 BMW X3 • 4 cylinder • 110,000 miles


I recently took my car to the dealership to have my tires replaced and a wheel alignment. After the tires were repaired the dealership took my car for a test drive and noticed a burning smell along with a clunking sound coming from the tires. After another inspection they say that my car now needs a differential replacement. Is there something that could have caused this damage during the test drive? The same dealership had done an inspection a week earlier and found nothing wrong except for the tires.

My car Model is a 2004 BMW X3
December 2, 2010.

Was this a freak accident? I would like to know more. For the differential to go out like that would require something to have happened to the car beyond what a normal test drive could cause. I would investigate further, maybe have an attorney look into it.

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 2, 2010.