2004 BMW 316 • 35,541 miles

BMW 316ti rattle noise from 3rd quarter of engine farthest from bumper. Starts fine drives fine no apparent loss of power. Noise starts about 2mins after starting & more evident at 1500-2000 revs. BMW dealer said tensioner possible chain stretched. Replaced timing chain, tensioner & guides & reset timing - no change! Diagnosis on computer fault codes misfire cylinder 4 & all cylinders no other fault codes. Why is it making this noise? Had a look at eccentric cam shaft & slight wear to centre 2lobes more like smudge on metal than anything. Wear at vvt servo motor worm gear - slight line. Centre 3/4 at where worm gear connects with eccentric cam shaft still has flat to head of teeth but slightly narrower than rest of teeth. Any ideas? Thanks
February 20, 2013.

I dont have an answer as we dont get that model in the USA market

Dr. Hagerty
Feb 20, 2013.