2003 Volvo S80 • 130 miles

S80 Automatic. There is a lack of power when trying to accelerate from zero, especially on a hill. You can press the accelerator fully, but there is very little response?
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ken@ken-hulse. Com
December 6, 2012.

This car has what is called a drive by wire throttle system, they go bad a lot, the only thing you can do is take to a volvo dealership and have it repaired, after it is replaced the system will have to be relearned, usually they are the only ones equipped to do this, it is very expensive. Thanks for using 2CarPros

Dec 7, 2012.
Has the check engine light come on? If it has can you post the codes on here to see whats going on? Also is these a turbo engine or non turbo? If these is a turbo engine and all of a sudden the turbo stopped working it will feel gutlas. If these is the case I would check all the vacuum lines to the turbo. They usually split open especially on the twin turbo. I would also look into the turbo control valve since they fail a lot as well. If these is a T5 inline 5 cylinder I would look at the rubber hose on top of the turbo for a split. Very common on the T5. Also look at the rubber charge air pipe to the cooler. But if the check engine light is on start with having it scanned first and posting the codes on here.

Dec 9, 2012.