2003 Volkswagen Eurovan • 113,000 miles

I have trouble filling a full tank of gas. First let me say that the gas lever at the station stops frequently. I know that it's not filled so I hold the handle steadily to keep the flow going, but not without it stopping at least 6-8 times. Sometimes I fill it up at $75, sometimes at $95. You'd think that if it's full at $75 (because it did overflow at at point at one time), then there would be no more room for the extra $20 worth of gas. Does anyone know why this happens and if it should be a concern? Yesterday I filled up the tank and it did the same thing, but this time I thought I'd try to see what would happen at $65. When I started the car, the gas gauge needle went all the way to full. And the average mileage per tank is 215.
December 31, 2012.

Fuel tank venting system is probably faulty get your mechanic to check this first.

Dec 31, 2012.