2003 Volkswagen Beetle • 75,000 miles

Put gas in my car and left station, about a 1/2 mile down the road, my car started missing and would barely run. Took it in the next day to a VW shop, they put it on a dionostic machine and said it needed a #4 coil and spark plugs. They replaced these items and the car run great. Went 2 miles down the road and stopped to fill up my gas tank because the day before I had only put in a lillle bit of gas. When I left the station I had went about a 1/2 mile and my car stated doing the same thing, missing and sputtering and barely running. I havn't been back to the machanic yet because they were closing when I left today. Does anyone have any ideal what may be causing this?
February 15, 2013.

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