2003 Porsche 911 • 6 cylinder Automatic • 74,000 miles

I have a porsche targa 2003. One of the remote keys was stolen. I just was curious what to do next, the Porsche dealer just told me it was going to be 1k and take 6 weeks!
December 10, 2010.

They need to get a new key and reprogram everything to accept the new key. That is why the price is high. Actually, it is higher because it is a Porsche, but still takes some time to do.

As far as the 6 weeks, did they explaine why it would take so long?

The reason they're giving you 6 wks is because it takes that long to get all new locks for the car with the same coding. Or you can simply go the dealer get another key, bring any other keys that fit the car, code the new key and remove any key old key codes. It won't keep anyone from unlocking the car at the door handle but at least they won't be able to start the car because the key code from the key thats missing will be removed from the alarm contrrol unit.

Dec 26, 2010.
You are being quoted for replacing all the lock cylinders on the car, which has to be duplicated at the factory and match the current vin number. You can have the stolen key deleted from the list of keys in the alarm control unit so the car can't be started with the stolen key but can still unlock the car. Only the dealer can do this.

Feb 9, 2011.