2003 Pontiac Grand Am • Automatic • 123,000 miles

Starting a couple of weeks ago I noticed a loud knocking noise when I turn. It doesn't seem to matter which direction, just when ever I make a sharp turn or even a normal turn. It sounds like it's coming from the front wheels, if that helps. I did some research but I don't know a lot about cars so It wasn't much help. I am also a high school student so I don't have much to spend on repairs, so if you could give me an estimated cost to fix the problem, or maybe just the cost of parts, as my dad is fairly average at making repairs.
December 28, 2013.

An issue like this is hard to estimate with out being inspected the biggest suggestion would be to take it to a qualified repair facility to have suspension inspected to help determine the cause in order to estimate cost. It could be a number of things to be honest with you. However I have seen common issue with this vehicle with similar symptoms. Common causes control arm bushing/bushings ball joints and a real common issue rack and pinion mounting bushings which makes a lot of sense for knock at turn.

Dec 28, 2013.
Any tire and alignment shop can inspect the steering and suspension systems and tell you what is causing the noise. Some do it for free. Most don't charge very much. It could be as simple as binding upper strut mounts or as serious as a ball joint about to separate and cause a crash. You may also get some help from your Auto Shop teacher too.

Dec 28, 2013.