2003 Oldsmobile Alero • 4 cylinder • 55,000 miles

I have a 2003 Olds Alero and I have to replace the brake pads quite frequently.I will begin to hear metal-to-metal scrapping. The odd thing is that it ONLY affects the right front wheel. Added to this, when I remove the pad, it seems that there is barely any wear at all.
I'm stumped.
January 23, 2011.

Why are you replacing pads with no wear? Are you replacing the rotors? If you ar just pad stuffing, then these calipers are a floating design, and the pads will hit the rust ridges at the edge of the rotor and make noise.

Jan 23, 2011.
Thanks for the info.

Jan 23, 2011.
You bet.

Jan 23, 2011.
Conditions that may cause your pads to wear out sooner than expected include: * Hardware may be causing the pads to not move freely. This can cause premature wear as the pads may be in constant contact with the rotor. It could also be a malfunctioning caliper.
* Caliper slides that are binding or seized can cause this condition.
* Caliper slides should be removed cleaned and lubricated (and replaced if corroded).
* Installing new pads on an unfinished rotor will significantly decrease the life of the pads.
* Rear brakes that are not working efficiently will cause the front brakes to work harder, causing premature wear to the front pads and rotors.

If you hear grinding sounds when you apply the brakes: * The most common cause for this condition is when the lining has worn past its service limit and the metal plate is contacting the rotor.
* Some drivers may experience a grinding noise only when the pedal is slightly applied and the vehicle is moving very slow (such as slightly releasing the pedal from a stop position). This operation is normal.