2003 Nissan Sunny • 200,000 miles

While driving at 100 km/hr engine switches off, I changed dynamo, battery and electric plugs, but still engine switches off while driving it.
September 14, 2011.

When engine stalled, did the dash indicator lights come on?
Does it stall every time it reaches the speed?

Sep 14, 2011.
No, before I changed the dynamo there was both battery and engine sign but now no.

When I am driving it all of a sudden engine stops. I called my mechanic and he said you need to change current sensor of your car

Please ignore my previous explanation, yes when engine stops I see engine sign and battery sing on dash board

The indicators coming on means it is not a power supply failure due to a faulty ignition switch.

The next step you should do is to check for trouble codes. A scan tool would be required.

Sep 14, 2011.
So you mean I should scane it.

Dear Sajid,
I had a similar to your problem even nissan sunny is 2008 Model went to Acceleraor Pedal Sensor Failure caused sudden and unable to raise the speed while I was driving on 04-10-2011. Finally I scan to find the problem which is best way to find and solve the issue. New APS sensor been replaced that cost me around 1150SR (13500 Rs). So Better Scan your engine by computer enabled and sovle it.

Oct 5, 2011.