2003 Nissan Sentra • 176,000 miles

While driveing car started to clatter like low octane fuel developed a miss you can hear from exhaust pipe like a spark plug fould out I changed all four plugs with oem plugs arriddam still has miss and clatters under accelaration can someone please help its my wifes car and shes a home health nurse and I need to get her back on the road thanks
November 21, 2012.

Is the Malfunction Indicator Light showing and have you checked for trouble codes?

Nov 22, 2012.
The eheck engine light is on I havent a way to check for trobble codes I did a comperssion test and were 100 on each sylnder I was told to replace the #3 coil I did and made no change problem still exist I was told to remove the wire at each ciol one at a time and if there was no change at that cyl to chane that coil thats why #3 cyl coil I replaced with a new one I checked for a vac leak none was found

Nov 23, 2012.
Most parts stores provides free scanning services. Without retrieving the trouble code you are working blind and hoping that replacing something is going to solve the probleem which is not the correct procedure and can be costly and time wasting.

A misfiring cylinder can be due to spark plug, compression, ignition coil, fuel injectors or wiring to the injector or coil. It could even be a bad computer. You should ahve swapped the coil instead of replacing it. If problem migrates, that would indicate a bad coil.

100 psi seems to be low for compression readings.

Nov 24, 2012.