2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 15,000 miles

No spark on any coils, cranks no problem, timing belt ok. Replaced 18 months ago no fuses blown. Tested with ohmmeter, sprayed starting fluid no go. 160 thousand Kilo 2.4 litre. Drivin along highway at 100 kms per hour, just shut off. Lots of gas and oil and antifreeze. Nocodes can be reetrieved from OBD 11 Reader. I know there is and was service engine light on for 2 years because of egr valve rusted off, so I just unplugged the vacuum hose and let it close. It was ok evder since and didnt cut off. And Oxygen senson #1 is a problem as it showed on the OBD 11 2 Months ago. But it worked fine and possibly did run richer, but no other issues, now I cannot retrieve any codes at all and no spark. I was a auto tec for 20 years (from the old school) ty
April 8, 2013.

Did you check for power supply to the ignition coils?
Do you have power to the DLC?

Apr 14, 2013.