2003 Mercedes Benz E240 • 50,000 miles

Wipers wont work and window washer not working, checked fuses.
August 26, 2011.

A few possibilies are; Windshiel wiper switch
Loose Electrical connection.
The PCM, (Control Module) has failed
wiper mot mount of wier pivots are locked up due to loose hardware

Does your car have automatic rain sensing wipers that turn themselves on in rain?

It sounds likethe PPCM is bad or the wiper switch.
I hope this information helps.

Yes it has the auto rain sensor, but the dont work in either the auto mode or the manual. Could it be the motor

Aug 26, 2011.
It is premature, it takes a lot for those motors to fail.
I would think the washers would still pump out cleaner.

I think the wiper switch or PCM is bad.
If you have time to go to a dealership or a local mechanic, get an OBD reading that will give you a trouble code and make this a lot easier.