2003 Lexus GX 470 • 114,000 miles

I have a problem with my lexus gx470 I fill my tank yesterday and after I drive for about 10km my check engine light came on, vsc, vsc trac came on and I diagnose 3 times the lights want off I drove the jeep for 10km the 3 lights came on again and on the scaner is showing oxygen sensor bank 1 what should I do
November 19, 2012.

We need the EXACT code to understand your problem.

Nov 20, 2012.
The code is p0031 oxygen sensor heater control ciruit bank1 sensor 1 I used the scaner to erase the faulit so after I drove the lexus gx470 for 10km the check engine light came on again I used 2 bottels of fuel injector cleaner and 1 bottle of octane booster I said maybe the problem will be fixed it didn't so how can I fix it

Nov 25, 2012.
P0031 - Oxygen sensor heater control ciruit (Bank1 Sensor 1)

DTC P0031 is set when heater current of 0.2 amps or less is present when heater operates with +B at greater than 10.5 volts and less than 11.5 volts (one trip detection logic) or heater current of 0.25 amps or less when heater operates with +B at greater than 11.5 volts (one trip detection logic).

Possible causes are: l Open or short in heater circuit of heated oxygen sensor.
L Faulty heated oxygen sensor heater.
L Faulty relay.
L Faulty ECM.

If the sensor is bad, which seems to be the case, it has to be replaced to rectify the fault.

Nov 25, 2012.