2003 Jeep Wrangler • 190,000 miles

I need to replace the lifters, do I need to torqe the rocker arms to any specific ft lbs?
January 11, 2013.

Youi have to take the cylinder head off then have a tool to reach the lifters to pull them out. Then you will need to replace head gasket and retroque head with new bolts. And then rocker arms.
3. Loosely install the capscrews through each bridge.
4. At each bridge, tighten the capscrews alternately, one turn at a time, to avoid damaging the bridge. Tighten the capscrews to 28 N.M (21 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
5. Install the engine cylinder head cover (Refer to CYLINDER HEAD COVER(S) INSTALLATION ).

CAUTION: During the final tightening sequence, bolt No.11 will be tightened to a lower torque than the rest of the bolts. DO NOT overtighten bolt No.11.

A. Tighten all bolts in sequence (1 through 14) to 30 N.M (22 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
B. Tighten all bolts in sequence (1 through 14) to 61 N.M (45 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
C. Check all bolts to verify they are set to 61 N.M (45 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
D. Tighten bolts in sequence: ? Bolts 1 through 10 to 149 N.M (110 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
? Bolt 11 to 135 N.M (100 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
? Bolts 12 through 14 to 149 N.M (110 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
E. Check all bolts in sequence to verify the correct torque.
F. If not already done, clean and mark each bolt with a dab of paint after tightening. Should you encounter bolts which were painted in an earlier service operation, replace them.

Jan 11, 2013.