2003 Jeep Liberty • 146 miles

Hi I have an 03 liberty it has no heat appeared to be the heater core it was hot on one side and warm on the other hose at the core at the firewall I changed the heater core and wanted to make sure I had heat before I put the dash back I should note I checked the actuator and manually moved the blend door from one side to the other it appears to be all the way turned to the hot side cuz I can't turn it anymore I can feel heat in the heater box coming out now but I don't have heat out the vents I'm not sure if there is another door in the heater box that may be preventing me from gettin heat or if the blend door where the actuator is is the problem like I said I can manually turn the blend door with the actuator out and it seems to be functional any ideas? Tha k you. It's an 03 jeep liberty limited 3.7
February 8, 2013.

See if the actuator is getting power it may not be opening the door. Also first try puling hvac fuse for 60 seconds whit ignition on then reinstall and wwait a minute and see if actuator works then. It may reset it.

Feb 8, 2013.