2003 Hummer H2 • V8 4WD Automatic • 68,200 miles


I have a 2003 Hummer H2. After recently taking the truck to North Carolina in the mountains and driving in below freezing temperatures, when I would stop the truck and turn the ignition off, I noticed that it wouldnt want to release the key. I brought it to a small dealership and they suggested using the Parking brake first and that this would temporarily fix the issue and it did, however they said to get it fixed Asap. So I brought the truck down to South Florida where I live and took it to a local place and they said it was the ignition and that it needed to be replaced. So I said go right on ahead with their assurance this would fix the problem ! Well fellas just got back from south Georgia and it hit cold temps and I have the same problem. Please help me here, Im getting******* around by everyone ! Please help me get my H2 running right again ! Thank you.
December 26, 2010.

Does the key rotate all the way to the off position when this happens?

Jan 29, 2011.