MULTIPLE CODES P1399 P300 P301 P304

2003 Honda Odyssey • 90,000 miles

I need a HONDA DRIVEABILITY EXPERT. This van had the rear(firewall)cylinder head camshaft break, it damaged the head, the timing belt was in tact and was driven a short ways.I put on a used cylinder head with cam and rockers, new timing belt, tensioner and idler pulleys, water pump, Spark Plugs, EGR Valve, Flushed crankcase and changed filter, Changed trans fluid 4 times, RECHECKED -- Camtiming and valve clearences are within spec. Swaped coils and plugs around Missfire still on same cylinders. Compression #1-220# #2-220 #3-230 #4-225 #5-225 #6-225 It idles good and has Lots of power when you step on it. It only sets codes on highway in overdrive converter locked up.
March 28, 2012.

Go to this walk thru link:

Mar 28, 2012.