MULTIPLE CODES P1399 P300 P301 P304

2003 Honda Odyssey • 90,000 miles

I need a HONDA DRIVEABILITY EXPERT. This van had the rear(firewall)cylinder head camshaft break, it damaged the head, the timing belt was in tact and was driven a short ways.I put on a used cylinder head with cam and rockers, new timing belt, tensioner and idler pulleys, water pump, Spark Plugs, EGR Valve, Flushed crankcase and changed filter, Changed trans fluid 4 times, RECHECKED -- Camtiming and valve clearences are within spec. Swaped coils and plugs around Missfire still on same cylinders. Compression #1-220# #2-220 #3-230 #4-225 #5-225 #6-225 It idles good and has Lots of power when you step on it. It only sets codes on highway in overdrive converter locked up.
March 28, 2012.