2003 Honda CRV • 150 miles

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2003 Honda CRV 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Auto

I have a 2003 CR-V with 150K km on it and have developed a vibration on what seem to be the near side (LEFT).

It is noticeable under load - pulling up a hill at speed of KM/hr or more. When just crusing it almost vanishes.

The feel of the vibration is as if the wheel is flapping about and trying to go its own way.

This car just came back from smash repair for front left side hit and repairer tells me that he has changed the left shock, front tyres & CV joints.

Is there a known problem that can cause this?

I took it back to repairer and now he thinks that may be left side engine mounts are gone, as its a expensive repair need to be double sure before I go and spend the money.
November 20, 2012.

I have seen axles do that but not engine mounts do that if the mounts were that bad you would feel something while in park or in drive at a stop.

Nov 20, 2012.
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