2003 GMC Yukon • V8 2WD Automatic • 57,000 miles

2003 GMC Yukon mileage: 57,000. For the past year or so I have been plagued with rapid front Disc pad wear. This week I replaced the front calipers and pads, also I replaced the rear wheel cylinders and did a complete brake fluid bleed. I notice when driving that the front brakes are getting "smoking hot" while the rear drums can be touched and barely feel warm. I adjusted the rear shoes correctly, but still the front pads are getting "very" hot. Where should I be looking next? Is there something that is not allowing the rear brakes to do their share of the work?

January 7, 2011.

Your problem is a master cylinder that is not fully returning, remove master cylinder to replace with new unit. Bleed to adjust as needed.

Jan 8, 2011.
And lets not forget the front break hoses, they like to colapse.