2003 Ford Transit • Manual • 46,000 miles

What is required to undertake a FULL service of a ford transit van (2003) e.G drain oil& refill, filters etc
looking at doing it myself
March 21, 2011.

First, the owner's manual should list everything they recommend. As far as a full service, it really deals with what all you want to do. There is differential fluid, trans fluid, PS fluid, motor oil, coolant, and brake fluid that are all serviceable. Then for the tune up, you have plugs, wires, air and fuel filters, belts, PCV valve, and you should always check vacuum hoses. As far as filters, the transmission and engine will have one.

Please note, none of the work is really hard, but it will take some time and money to do everything, and you will need special tools for some of the items.