2003 Ford Mustang • 76,000 miles

2003 ford mustang GT brake system question(s). I just replaced my rotors and pads on all four wheels and I have some smell which I know is normal, but up front the rotors got real hot to the touch and I only went on a 3 mile test drive. Is this normal for bedding in? Also the wheels moved freely when I installed all parts, but after the test drive the wheels dont move as freely and sound like the pads are touching the rotors enough to make like a rubbing of sand paper noise when you spin them. And when I step on the brake it takes a lot longer to slow down and come to a complete stop. Again, is this all normal for new brake install and bedding in process?
I did not bleed the brake lines, and rotors and pads are oe style and pads are semi metalic. All parts are bendix brand
Travis S.
February 18, 2013.

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