2003 Ford Focus • 120,000 miles

When I attempted to recharge the air conditioner system it was already overcharged according to my gauge. I disconnected the freon and then when I started the engine this horrible grinding noise started that was not there before I started messing with checking the charge.
I have tried adjusting some tension. It is not going away. When you rev the motor it does not get quieter or louder. ? How do I disconnect the serpentine belt? Could you send a diagram please of the system. When I attempt to pull it up on a repair manual it shows me the timing belt and serpentine belt but not how to disconnect it to bypass the air conditioner. Thanks
June 2, 2013.

You need to find a belt by trial and error to by pass a/c because there are pulleys missing that you don't have. Pic attached without a/c

Jun 9, 2013.