2003 Ford F-150 • V8 4WD • 160,000 miles

2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Fx4. 5.4 L Triton engine. It seems to be sputtering or missing a bit on acceleration and shaking when idoling at a stop sign. Is this a fuel filter, or more serious?
May 31, 2011.

Doubt it's the Filter, it would probably be starving more at speed.

Check engine light work...Is it on?...If so, what are the codes? This can usually be done for FREE, at most popular auto parts stores.

If none of the above.......Maybe cleaning this, would help, maybe at least let you know for sure....before you spend $$$ to replace it.

Let me know if it helps---yours probably is a bit different, but still will be close to the throttle body

A "Keeper" Paper, $30 Repair manual would serve you well, no getting on-line (if you get one like that!)....Keep it in a zip-lock bag in your truck...always there, in times of need!

You can still come see us!

The Medic

May 31, 2011.