2003 Dodge Ram • 4WD Automatic • 88,000 miles

I have a 2003 RAM 3500 with a Cummins 5, 9 ltr diesel engine and automatic transmission. The problem is that its changing gear uncontrolled between 3rd, 4th and OD. When I try the cruise control, it turn it self off after just a few seconds. The problem came after I drove into a pretty big bump in the road. It became worse gradually. Could it be an electrical problem? I went to a local garage and changed oil, filters and some electrical sensors/switches in the transmission. It didn`t get any better : -(
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Per Olav Maridal
perolav@maridal. Com
February 25, 2011.

Hi I wouldn't rule out an electrical problem but it may take a transmission shop to actually pinpoint, where it is. The fact that the cruise has a prob also leads me to believe you actually have either a speed sensor or wheel sensor. These sensors have a lot of probs in the winter due to ice and wheel slippage.

Do you have a abs light on or traction these normally will accompany most speed sensor failures.

Feb 25, 2011.
The speed sensor has been replaced (if its in the transmission box).
Is there only one wheel sensor. Or is it one on each wheel? Could it be caused by a brake problem. Once, some months ago, I forgot the hanbrake on and the brakedisc left, back was glowing red. No imediate problem after that.

Feb 25, 2011.
Yes there is a sensor on each wheel depending on rather you have 4 wheel abs or a system called rabs which is only rear wheel abs. The heat from a overheated brake rotor could most definately cause a sensor in that wheel to fail. I would take a good look at that sensor on the overheated brake occurred. Although these are independant systems the heat is in the same place as the sensor.

Feb 26, 2011.