2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser • 106,684 miles

I have a 2003 pt cruiser gt turbo have put a lot of money in it ran great for awhile. Now when I shut it off and go back out to start it it turns over real fast but wont start. Turn key off then on again turns over fast for about 15 seconds then starts. Has been doing this all day long I use car for work and need help thanks.
November 13, 2012.

IF it is turning over really fast, it makes me think you have valves sticking open so it loses compression. Check engine compression when it doesn't start to see if it is low.

The motor has been flush and new oil, heads redone, new water pump, new timing belt, new plugs, new wires, new fan and motor, all new gaskets. So what else does it need I mean you shut it down and it does start but then some times it will just crank over and not start. But then it will start 5or 6 times in a row then turn over 15 seconds then start. I am a former marine and have work on cars for a long time but this is wierd out of work and no extra money.

Nov 13, 2012.
When you said it cranked really fast, I thought maybe there was low or no compression. When it doesn't start, have you checked to see if there is spark and fuel to the engine?

I took 2003 pt cruiser gt turbo to shop for code error only 1 and says #1loose or missing drive belt not that, #2 alternator defective not that, #3battery defective not that, #4 poor electrical connection check that and everything is tight. Dont know what it is it will crank over fine and start then other times I crank it over it takes 10 to 15 seconds then starts Im to the point of shooting it and getting it out of misery. Thanks Marine29

Nov 16, 2012.