2003 Chevrolet Truck • 4WD Manual • 162,000 miles

2003 chevy hd 2500 gas burner 6 liter. Electronic gas trottle. While driveing down road, gas will shut off to just an idol. Information bar says reduced engine power, I turn the key off and wait a minute then it will go again.
February 20, 2011.

Have the computer scanned for codes and send them to me. I'll be better able to help you without the guess work.

Ernest Clark
Feb 21, 2011.
It shows code #1615, thats all I know so far.

Feb 22, 2011.
I'm not finding any code for that number. The code should start with a leter p, b, u or c. Double check and also get me your vin number and is your truck a c2500, k2500 or avalanch2500?

Ernest Clark
Feb 23, 2011.