2003 BMW Z4


I would really appreciate any advise. I have taken a small video ( Please follow-up YouTube link ) that shows what has been happening to me recently.

Link :

Video taken today while I was in the parking lot, speed ( 20Km/h) , car suddenly stops and engine starts acting weird ( sound and RPM ), the RPM goes up and down, the engine sounds like a hover , car doesn't move anymore. Note that I was not pushing the gas pedal at all, even if i did the car won't move.

I was lucky since last time it happened on the high way ( same speed range while taking off a red light) and the car behind almost hit me.

As soon as I turn off the car, everything goes back to normal.

Do you have any idea what can be causing the problem?
I am no expert, I feel it is something related to the gas not going through well,due to the sound and RPM behavior, but why would the brake lights go on ?

Thanks a lot,
September 14, 2012.

You would need to get a diagnostics to check for troubles codes and possible freeze frame data to help on this.

Turning the ignition switch off and restarting clears the problems indicayes possible sensor or PCM problem.

Sep 15, 2012.
Is there any lights coming on in the dash when this happens?

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 26, 2012.